Ways to Deal with Clinical Depression | Tips & Advice | Mental Health Awareness thumbnail

Ways to Deal with Clinical Depression | Tips & Advice | Mental Health Awareness

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How To Deal With #ClinicalDepression | Tips & Advice | #MentalHealthJourney 2021
Thank you for watching! I hope that this video will help you in your healing journey. Leave a comment on your favorite way to get up when you feel down. Thank you for all the positive vibes that have been brought to my channel by your subscriptions and likes. All my best wishes and peace to you, Lex

0: 24 3: 27 Wash your Face
3: 49 – 5: 40 aromatherapy, let’s breathe
5: 52 – 6: 08 change outfits, plan something you like
6: 11 – 7: 20 yoga, gratitude
8: 18 – 9: 00 journal, 10 things you can do to get out of your depression funk
9: 01 – 9: 20 emotional support animal
9: 21 – 10: 55 TALK TO SOMEONE
10: 57 – 23: 05 “I’ve Been Thinking …: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life” by Maria Shriver.

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