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Seniors and Depression with Abby Altman, Ph.D.

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People talk about being depressed, but there’s a wide gulf between feeling blue and clinical #depression. This video is by psychologist Abby Altman. She explains the differences and what seniors can do to get treatment for depression.

Time Stamps

0: 00 Seniors suffer from depression
just like the rest of us.0: 13 Introducing geropsychologist Abby Altman
1: 00 What is the difference between clinical depression and depression
2: 25 Grief, depression
3: 51 Seniors may also be affected by depression
5: 35 Which are the main symptoms of depression?
6: 28 Suicides and Seniors
7: 03 How do you treat depression?
8: 08 Professionals in talk therapy can help with depression
8: 32 Most people suffering from depression can recover
with treatment.9: 18 What can people do to diagnose their depression?

Dr. Abby Altman, a geropsychologist and psychologist who specializes on senior issues, is also a geropsychologist. Abby Altman is a psychiatrist who works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Mass. She has seen many seniors suffering from clinical depression. She discusses the main symptoms of #depression and the unique issues that seniors may face. She also explains how #depression can be self-diagnosed. Editor-in-Chief Jeff Hoyt

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