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Say Yes to Life. | Sadness vs clinical depression | Super Singer Shaan with Dr. Prasad Rao


Say yes to Life. Sadness vs clinical depression
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Dr. G Prasad Rao ,

consultant psychiatristConact : +91 89770 00182
Consultant Psychiatrist
Director, Schizophrenia & Psychopharmacology Division,
Asha Hospital, Hyderabad
President, Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health 2019-21
President Elect, Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations, 2019-2022
Member, Planning Committee, World Psychiatric Association President, Indian Association of Private Psychiatry2018-20
Secretary, Education & Training ,
Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations(AFPA)2017-2019
National C.M.E. Chairperson,2008-2010
Indian Psychiatric Society
President, Indian Association for Biological Psychiatry2018-20
President, Society for Bipolar Disorders of India. (SBDI )
).Deputy Editor, Indian Journal of Psychiatry (IJP) 2008 to 2015
Journal of Geriatric Mental Health 2013 to date
Asst. Asst. Editor, Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry 2014 to date
Editor, Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (IAPP) -2010 to 2014
Treasurer, Indian Association of Private Psychiatry 2014 – 2016
Vice-President, Indian Association of Private Psychiatry 2016-2018

What is Psychology?
Psychology is the study and application of mind and behavior. Psychology includes the social pressures and biological influences that influence how people think, feel, and act.

A deeper and richer understanding of psychology can give people insight into their actions as well as help them understand other people.

Psychology’s ImpactPsychology can be both applied and academic. It has many benefits for individuals and society. Psychology is an applied field that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment mental health problems. But, this is only a small part of the psychology’s impact.

Psychology is the study and analysis of mind and behavior. Psychology covers all aspects of human experience, including the functions of the brain and the actions of nations, as well as child development and care for the elderly. Psychologists can be found in every setting, from mental health care services to scientific research centers.

Psychologists are traditionally trained to treat mental and emotional disorders. However, they also work as scientists studying the phenomena of human behavior (and other non-human behaviors). Psychologists study the human relationship to one another and to machines. They work to improve those relationships. They are particularly interested in the behaviors that impact mental and emotional health, and the mental functioning of healthy people.

Psychologists use scientific methods in their research. They observe, experiment, and analyze. Through their research, they develop theories about human behavior and then test them. These findings are used by psychologists to inform their clients and patients.

Psychology is a vastly diverse field. Psychologists are involved in both applied and basic research. They also serve as consultants to organizations and communities, diagnose and treat individuals, test intelligence, personality, and teach other students and future psychologists. Psychologists are vitally knowledgeable and skilled in understanding other cultures, due to the increasing diversity of the U.S.

This profession offers many career options. Psychologists work with performers, business executives and athletes to help them reduce stress and improve their performance. They assist lawyers in jury selection and work with educators to reform schools. Psychologists assist victims and others who are affected by a disaster such as a bombing or plane crash. They work with public health and law enforcement officials to determine the causes and prevent such events from happening again.

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