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Performing Artists’ Mental Health – Webinar 9 – Depression

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Depression can be a transitory state provoked by unsettling situations; however, if it persists and compromises functioning and wellbeing, then it is considered a medical illness and requires professional treatment. Some people may experience clinical depression after a major life event. This webinar will discuss the symptoms of depression as well as offer suggestions for how to deal with it.

North American Suicide Hotline – 800-273-8255

International Suicide Hotlines

Mental Health Websites with Hot Lines:

We invite you to view today’s webinar and share your thoughts with us by clicking the following link: 6

Under the auspices the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADM&S), the Performing Artists’ Mental Health and COVID -19 Webinar series offer free weekly webinars about mental health for performers and multidisciplinary professionals in education, medicine, and psychology. These extraordinary times call for extraordinary and creative solutions to assist performers and others in coping with the challenges and disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic. This webinar series features experts in mental health and performance health and wellbeing who offer insight, practical tips, and wise advice to performers as well as performing artists. Our mission is to assist people in helping themselves and others. Our professional training is extensive and we recognize that mental health can be affected by these difficult times. We will also have to face this pandemic. We believe that individuals need to be helped by mental health professionals. There is simply not enough. We offer our decades of experience in these webinars to you for you use and to share as much as you wish. We hope you find some useful information to help you deal with life and become more resilient. This is why we share our deepest appreciation for your passions, talents, art, challenges, and unyielding ability, to rise, thrive, and again thrive.

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Contact us at to inquire about this webinar. We will respond with one of our panelists. You are not allowed to give any information about your personal health in the initial inquiry. This will be forwarded to IADMS administrators. For advice or personal mental health, please contact your physician or mental health provider. If you require immediate assistance, please call your local emergency response number.

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