Medical Explainer Video for Depression | Cartoon Animation thumbnail

Medical Explainer Video for Depression | Cartoon Animation

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It isn’t easy to spread awareness that actually engages people into it. Turns out an explainer video can do it for you with a guarantee to increase engagement.

Explainer video has the elements that stimulate the human brain to pay attention to it. These elements include amusing animation with strong storytelling that directly attach to human emotion.

That’s the reason why our client Clinical Depression UK took this opportunity to share awareness to a broader audience. Depression has affected people worldwide even without them realizing the symptoms. Clinical Depression UK created a Depression Learning Path for you to find out the illness earlier.

Industry: Medical, Mental Health
Package: Advanced
Style: Cartoon Characters

Breadnbeyond will help your organization to reach out to as many audiences as possible with the personalized explainer video. We allow clients to get in touch directly with the process in order to receive the best output.

If you like the video above, contact us at or send us an email to get your customized explainer video.

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