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Living with Clinical Depression

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More than Sadness

Living with Clinical Depression

After a suicide attempt at the age of 44,, I was diagnosed as having clinical depression. My life was full of depression for quite some time. My depression has been managed with therapy and antidepressants. Still, right now, I’m in a depressive episode.

Everyone has felt down, lonely, or depressed at some point in their lives. But clinical depression is more than a mood. It affects your body. It affects your mental health and how you cope with it. It’s like a huge wave that overwhelms you.

This episode is about clinical depression. Everyone experiences it differently. It’s possible to share your experiences with depression-stricken friends. However, it is also possible for people who aren’t suffering from the condition or know someone who does, to gain some perspective.

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The episode ends with some suggestions for people who can help those suffering from this disease.

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