Let's Talk about Depression | Symptoms, Causes and Steps to be Taken | thumbnail

Let’s Talk about Depression | Symptoms, Causes and Steps to be Taken |

Just like any other health issue, Depression is also a Mental Health Problem and one can fully recover from it. However, people often don’t take it seriously and start suggesting/following general advises like…take a Vacation…or let’s do a party…and everything will be fine. But these things can not cure Depression.

In this Video I have talked about how Clinical Depression is different from the sadness and frustration of routine life. I have also discussed the symptoms and causes of Clinical Depression. In the end, I have suggested some dos and don’t which one should follow when one is suffering from Depression or one’s close ones are suffering from Depression.

Aim of this video is not to give the cure of Clinical Depression but to spread awareness about it. If you like the video, Please Share it in your Social Groups as well.

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