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Is it Depression? Is a Depression Test Really able to Help? | BetterHelp

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Depression is not the same as feeling sad or down. Depression is when you feel depressed, have trouble sleeping, or can’t get up.

These are just a few symptoms people with clinical depression may experience. Depression isn’t the same for everyone.

It’s possible to be depressed without even realizing it. Perhaps you feel tired all the time. You might find yourself becoming irritable and snapping at loved ones. These symptoms could be a sign that you are depressed. It is important to determine if you have it so you can get the best treatment. These are signs and symptoms that can indicate depression so you can seek help.

You are depressed all the time, and you wake up feeling sad.
Feelings devalued or lacking self-esteem
It is difficult to concentrate at school or work

You are separating yourself from people who love

You are less interested in the activities that you used to enjoy

You may be experiencing any of these symptoms. Take a depression quiz to determine if you are suffering from depression. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between depression and other mental conditions. This is why a quiz can help you determine your psychological condition. Do not be afraid to take the quiz! You can seek help if you are experiencing depression symptoms.

Working with a counselor or therapist can help you get over depression. A mental health professional can help you recognize depression and work with you to get better.

Important: This video does not constitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This video, which includes text, graphics, images and other information, is intended to be used as a general guideline and not to replace consultations with your doctor.

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