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How To Conquer Depression Through Diet | Dr. Drew Ramsey | Big Think

How To Conquer Depression Through Diet
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Drew Ramsey, psychiatrist says that the best way to have a healthy mind is through your stomach. The right foods can decrease your risk of depression by 50%, and treat clinical mental disorders.Psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey, the guy who brought the world incredible catchphrases like “You can’t fail with kale” and “Some people are big pharma – I’m little farmer”, is back with some incredibly interesting data on the relationship between mental health and diet.
There is a new branch of nutritional psychotherapy. While some talk about food compounds as a way to treat or prevent mental illness, Dr Ramsey wants the truth. He believes real food can be linked to brain health. In an interview with Splendid Table, he said that supplements “frighten” him a bit. They are completely unregulated. If you want to be scared, visit the FDA website which examines recalls of natural supplement. It’s terrifying.” It’s terrifying.”Research has shown that a traditional diet, such as a Mediterranean or Japanese diet, can reduce your chances of developing depression. A first clinical trial has shown that major clinical depression can be treated with a Mediterranean diet. It is plant-based and includes whole grains, seafood, nuts, seeds, oils, and fermented milk. Ramsey points out that while people tend to think about their heart, diabetes, and cholesterol when planning their meals, they don’t pay enough attention to brain health, which is your greatest asset.
Ramsey suggests that you start by planting a few herbs in your kitchen, on your windowsill (don’t tell fire marshall), or in your garden. Then, incorporate them into your meals regularly to increase nutrition density. He says that fresh herbs and spices are more common in the Mediterranean diet. They have been used for centuries to treat illnesses. You can eat crunch vegetables and make lots of different colors of vegetables. It is also a good idea to eat lots of seafood.
You can improve brain function and reduce mental illness by eating the right foods. So, start to see your fork as an intervention tool.
Drew Ramsey is a psychiatrist and author. He also farms. Dr. Drew Ramsey is a leading advocate for dietary changes to improve mental health, balance moods and brain function. As an assistant clinical professor of psychology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, he is also in active clinical practice in New York City. His work focuses on the treatment of anxiety and depression. He uses the most recent brain science and nutritional research as well as modern treatments and delicious food to help people live their best, healthiest lives.
He is co-creator and co-founder of The Brain Food Scale, National Kale Day c(3)3, and a member the medical review team for Dr. Oz’s webportal ShareCare. He speaks frequently and leads workshops across the country, including the recent TEDx talks BrainFork & Brain Farmacy about food and brain health. His writing and work have been highlighted by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He has also been featured in The Huffington Post and NPR called him a “kale evangelist” and his recent book 50 Shades Of Kale has made this superfood available to thousands. His first book, The Happiness Diet, was a nutritional prescription for a sharp brain, balanced mood, and lean, energized body. It explored the effects of modern diets on brain health.
Dr. Ramsey teaches and supervises Psychiatric evaluation and the Columbia University Adult Psychiatry Residency program. Graduate students from Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition have him as their thesis mentor. He also gives lectures on nutrition and the brain. He directed the Audubon Continuing Day Treatment Program in Washington Heights, a bilingual program for severely mentally ill people. He is also a faculty member of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. Dr. Ramsey is a diplomate of American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
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