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How I Fight Clinical Depression | Mental Health Motivation

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING: I hope this video motivates or inspires you to find something, whether it be training or not, that helps you cope with your mental illness and become stronger.
Here’s my video about my story. It’s a long one. I know it was difficult for me to share my story and feel so vulnerable on an online platform that is full of judgment about my actions. Because not enough people are open about their mental health, and because many people suffer in silence due to being too embarrassed, scared, or nervous, I chose to speak out. If you have a mental illness, please seek professional assistance and create a support network around you.
This is my video about how I cope with depression.
/>*Always seek professional/medical advice *
before you take my personal advice.
Please remember: You don’t know what another person is going through. Especially online. I deal daily with internet trolls who say hurtful things. I don’t get why people use their energy to spread hatred or hurtful language when they could be spreading love. It is important to remember that the people behind every account are HUMAN. Spread love and not hatred. Be kind to one another. Think before you write. Ask your family and friends if they are doing well. Help others. You should live a life that people love and appreciate you for the great things you do.
That’s all! Hope you enjoyed this video I made with @aesthetic_al
It can help to shed some light on mental health.

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