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Clinical Depression Linked to Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, doctors say you are at the greater risk of developing clinical depression. According to, 85% with chronic back pain are more likely to develop symptoms of depression.

These symptoms can include sleep disturbances, anxiety, fear of death, and loss of interest. Andrew Block, from The Texas back institute, spoke out about the link between depression, chronic back pain and anxiety. He said that it is harder to spot a sing than you might think. There are many signs that depression and chronic pain share many of the same symptoms. They feed off each other.

Dr Michael Van Korff, the associate director at the Centre for Health Studies in Seattle’s Group Help Cooperative, has researched the relationship between depression and pain. People with depression and pain have shown that depression can be relieved by reducing pain.

Chronic pain can lead to depressions that are more likely to persist. Dr Korff states that many aspects of the study are still being done.

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