Brain chemistry lifehacks: Steve Ilardi at TEDxKC thumbnail

Brain chemistry lifehacks: Steve Ilardi at TEDxKC

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TEDxKC 2013: Defy Impossible. Steve Ilardi, a clinical researcher and passionate advocate for improving mental health treatment, is Steve Ilardi. Steve Ilardi is also the author “The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression Without Drugs.”

He has created a new program for treating clinical depression with the help of his research team. It is based on the idea that humans are not made for modern living.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change, a treatment program that has been proven highly effective in pre-clinical trials, has been adopted by over a dozen countries.

Steve also performs statistical analysis for NBA teams (most recently the Phoenix Suns).

TEDx is a series of self-organized, local events that promote ideas and encourage people to come together for a TED-like experience. TEDTalks video and live speakers are combined at TEDx events to create deep discussions and connections in a small group. These events are branded TEDx. x is an independent TED event. While the TED Conference provides guidance for the TEDx program in general, individual TEDx events can be self-organized. *Subject to some rules and regulations

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