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Beyond Today Interview: Anxiety, Depression and Despair Have Consequences – Part 1

Ms. Chapman is a Registered Nurse and Regional Clinical Educator for Heart to Heart Hospice. SelectMed Seminars is her business, and she is also a consultant. She specializes in education and consulting for healthcare workers and the general public.

Peter Eddington, Beyond Today TV’s producer, conducts this interview in two parts. It includes some interesting discussion about the following questions:

What can we do to help children cope with anxiety? What are the consequences of anxiety in children?

How can we keep a realistic perspective on the future and things that we don’t know?

Can anxiety or depression be linked? Can clinical depression be caused by anxiety and despair?

Is there a difference between men and women in anxiety, depression, and despair?

How can we help our spouses and friends with anxiety?

How can I recognize anxiety in my own mind? Perhaps I am suffering from anxiety but don’t know what it is, but others can see it in my body.

What are some positive outcomes and positive effects of stress?

How has COVID -19 affected our stress levels?

Is there a way to control negative influences in our lives?

What are the effects of stress on our physical and emotional health?

How do I escape burnout?

Joy can be a powerful antidote for stress. How does this work? Is there any other treatment for anxiety, despair, and depression?
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