Alexi Pappas: It's possible to make it to the Olympics. I wasn't ready for what happened next. | NYT Opinion thumbnail

Alexi Pappas: It’s possible to make it to the Olympics. I wasn’t ready for what happened next. | NYT Opinion

What if athletes and coaches were trained to look for depression just as vigilantly as they’d be watching for a hamstring pull? Alexi Pappas (a Los Angeles resident) argues that mental and physical health should be treated equally. She would. She is a world-record holder in running, but she lost her way after suffering from clinical depression.

Although she had been trained to be attentive to her body, she was not well-equipped to handle psychological wounds. Imagine if society and sports allocated the same resources to mental health screening and treatment. Would this be a way to ensure that everyone has a healthy mind and body?

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