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3 Key Early Depression Symptoms – Let’s Talk About it

3 Key Early Depression Symptoms: Haven’t subscribed to my channel yet? – r

Hello everyone! Thank you for being here. This video will discuss 3 real-world signs of depression. To help you identify signs of depression early, I have used examples from my life and Psychological literature.

I hope that this video helps people understand depression, especially those who may not have any experience with it. These videos should help you recognize the signs and symptoms of depression in your loved ones, so that you can get support and treatment as soon as possible.

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Hey! Hello! I’m Adam Wonders. I’m from England (North East), and I have Aspergers Syndrome. High Functioning Autism is sometimes confused with this condition. However, even though they look similar, they’re not the same. However, Aspergers can be a form Autism. Living with it can be difficult.

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For over 10years, I was suffering from Clinical Depression (Unipolar). This eventually left me in bed, unable to shower or eat properly, and even attempted suicide. I was eventually able to recover in a psychiatric center. After realizing that I wanted to help people suffering from depression, I went to university to study Psychology.

You can find out more about my story and how Electro-Convulsive Therapy was initiated for me.
I upload videos regularly about psychological topics. Usually, these are things that I have personally experienced with.

My quest to build an inclusive network of people who are open to all, and share REAL experiences without judgement or barriers is yours. — r

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